About Me

pexels-photo-213338My parents gave me my first camera — a simple Kodak 110 — when I was ten, and I’ve been documenting the world around me ever since. I’ve since graduated to Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, but I’ve never lost my love for chronicling events and turning them into unforgettable stories on film.

I love capturing fleeting moments, whether it’s a stolen kiss behind a veil at an intimate wedding, or a lightning-fast play at home plate in the bottom of the 9th inning. When I’m on assignment, I focus on the people and the rhythm of the day. Everything is part of the story: the weather, the location, the dialogue, the mood, the architecture. When you hire me as your photographer, you’re hiring not just someone with a camera but a visual storyteller with the experience, insight and keen eye for detail necessary to capture the essence of your event.